The Gathering

The GatherRing is composed of two separate interlocking Gold rings, that when worn together symbolize the cultural bonds between the USA and Ireland. 


The colours of our respective flags are represented with the red, white and blue of the US flag on one band and the green and gold of Ireland on the interlocking band.


This beautifully crafted ring offers the opportunity to identify with your heritage and wear your colours with pride.


Product Detail:

1 x 10ct yellow gold 3mm band, set with a diamond and an emerald.

1 X  10ct white gold 3mm band, set with a sapphire & a ruby

The Gathering

  • 1 x 9ct yellow gold 3mm band

    set with one 0.05ct diamond

    and one 0.05ct emerald


    1 X  9ct white gold 3mm band

    set with one 0.05ct blue sapphire

    and one 0.05ct ruby